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Serbia and Haiti for mutual understanding and development

Do you ever wonder about importance of others, weather they are close or far away, in your own life? I do. In globalized world the concept of closeness has been spiced up that the ones we appreciate the most and whose existence has highest value in our lives could be thousands of kilometers away. In the context of climate change that is one of the most important priorities in the world today, we all live together in a system called Mother Earth, and indeed each and every dot of the system has an influence to the other. When we are helping others, we are helping ourselves.

Velika Plana, just as many other towns in Serbia, has a wide diaspora, that connects it to the world. It also happens that many Velikoplanians are married with people from other nations, cultures, races. It happens that one of the sons in law of Velika Plana is of Haitian origin. But that was just the first link of Velika Plana and Haiti that has opened up a discussion that made us realize the similarities of our two cultures, and even see the potential for beneficial collaboration between us.

Unfortunately, Haiti has recently suffered a devastating natural disaster in form of a hurricane this time, while not having recuperated from the last even more destructive disaster of earthquake in 2010. It hurts our soul to know that.

We have to admit that Serbia is a country that needs development, things are not perfect here. However, Haiti is in a state of need for help for development seriously profoundly. We are small and sometimes weak ourselves, but it is one of the great honors of our people to always be there for the others in need.

Three years ago I was in Herrsching, Germany, in a seminar organized by German Ministry of Agriculture. This is where I met people who came from Haiti, on behalf of the organization Fondelcopah (Fondation dominico-haitien pour le développement et de lutte contre la pauvreté) who have been my friends ever since. It is these people whom we have identified to carry on the project of Gardens in schools in Haiti, that is the envisaged purpose of the fundraising breakfast.

Project of school gardens is common activity of Slow Food internationally, specifically in Africa. We want to encourage development of vegetable gardens in Haiti, in order to provide food directly in the local school community, but also with the aim to teach young generations how to grow their own food and use this knowledge throughout life for food security and poverty alleviation.

« Give man a fish, you feed him for one day; teach him to fish and you feed him for life. »

Ivana Radić Jean
Leader of Slow Food Convivium Velika Plana

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